Snow King Ice Cream

Snow King Ice Cream

Address:Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Wuchang St, 65

Opening Hours:12PM-8PM

Popular Flavors:

Red Bean Ice Cream NTD95

Honey Ice Cream NTD110

Pig Feet Ice Cream NTD135

Kaoliang Liquor Ice Cream NTD 150


Snow King Ice Cream provides 73 flavours of ice cream. Their ice cream is homemade and inspired by Taiwanese local ingredients. 

Red Bean ice cream is the most popular flavour in the Snow King Ice Cream. In order to make the best taste, they have to stew red bean for three days.

It's the gourmet's favourite.

Not only can you see a range of Taiwanese fruity flavour on the menu, but also you can see the unique flavours like sesame oil chicken soup, pig feet and basil....

How about challenging your taste buds in the hot summer?

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